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Lancome Beauty Box (and review of products)!

Got my Lancome beauty box today! If you aren’t familiar with them, it’s a makeup case and set that Lancome (and other luxury brands) puts out every year for about $50-$60. They are always a great deal!

I got the ‘Pretty Plum’ colors. There is also a bronze-themed option. I am mostly giving the contents away as gifts (that’s why there aren’t color swatches sorry!!), but I’ve used all the products before, so here is a review of all the goodies!

Ok, so first off the case that comes with the set is cute, and a great place to store cosmetics, nail polish or whatnot.

The products in the beauty box include: A full size Bi-facil makeup remover, Blush in Aplum, Color Design eyeshadows in Pink Pearls, Pink Zinc, and Drama. Color Design lipsticks in Love It and The New Pink. Definicils black mascara, Le Crayon Khol eyeliner in Black Ebony, and Juicy Tubes in Tickled Pink and Moulin Rose. There is also two eyeshadow brushes. Everything is full size except the brushes.

Now for the reviews..
Bi-facil: This is a makeup remover for waterproof makeup. It works well and is gentle on the eyes. I personally don’t like these kinds of liquid, oily makeup removers but they do the job well.

Blush: The blush shade in this set is called Aplum. It’s a pink/plum color and has a nice pigmentation. It’s very flattering and it’s one of my go-to shades during makeovers at work.

Eyeshadows: You get three different eyeshadows in the set. The Pink Pearls shade is a light, matte pink. Good for a base or even for highlighting. Pink Zinc is my favorite of the three. It’s a shimmery light pink that I love using for everyday wear. The last shade—Drama—is a bright shimmery purple. This looks amazing on deep complexions! It is bright!! With Lancome’s eyeshadows I love wetting an angled brush and using them as eyeliner. This looks gorgeous wet and I use it to line my upper lashline.

Lipsticks: The first shade is called Love It…and I love Love it. It’s a very natural, nude pink with a creme finish. I have darker lips naturally and this has enough pigment to lighten them, and looks very fresh and young. The other shade it called The New Pink. Lancome always seems to give this shade away in samples and gifts. It has a light shimmer and is a little darker than Love It. It’s pretty, but kind of boring (to me).

Gloss: The two Juicy Tubes are both pink and pretty. I am not a fan of gloss in general, but these shades are very subtle and nice for an everyday gloss. Also, for those of you unfamiliar with Lancome, Juicy Tubes smell and taste fantastic! 

Mascara:  The Definicils mascara in the set is non-waterproof. It’s OK…but it definitely isn’t on my list of all time favorite mascaras. It doesn’t clump, but it doesn’t go on easily. I mean that it doesn’t immediately cling to my lashes and make them look dark and thick and amazing. BUT that’s my preference. I like big honkin’ lashes. This mascara will give you pretty, and defined, if not lush lashes.

Eyeliner: I really like this khol liner. It blends nicely and is a deep black. I really can’t find anything to complain about..it’s a good liner.

:)  Overall it’s a great value since you get 13 products for the price of about 2 of them.


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