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Fantastic Drugstore Find! Wet n’ Wild MEGA EYES Creme Liner - VIP Carly

(Another post lost to the blackhole. @_@ It’s backed up on my page though, so no worries, I can always re-post… again)

My friend Sami actually turned me on to this product. :) So biiig thanks to you, babe!

Oh, and forgive the yucky hair. It’s been a looong day. @_@


This is the second Wet n’ Wild product that I’ve purchased and fell in love with this week! You can find the first one HERE. The quality of these products (both under $4) blew me out of the water! 

Review time!


  • So, as you can see in the photo above, the cream liner comes in a pot. The packaging is cheap plastic, and I don’t really have that much of an issue with it because the pot itself is quite thick, BUT the cap is a flimsy little lid and it doesn’t take much to remove it. I can see the lid becoming a problem if the liner is stashed in a bag or something. 
  • A little angled brush is also included and I honestly like this one. I’ve had problems with other included brushes from other drugstore brands because they were too stiff, too small, not angled, etc. This one, however, has the right amount of width/length and the bristles are quite smooth and provides juuuust the right amount of resistance for smooth and precise application. 


  • I purchased the black one (the other option is a dark eggplant), and the black is vivid when applied in a sharp, thin line. The color spread a little bit when I did a winged look, but there weren’t any gaps of color and it wasn’t a hugely noticeable fade. Going over the liner twice should remedy that. 



  • The liner is sooo creamy! It spreads like warm butter! I love it. I also like that it never feels cake-y, which is a problem I’ve experienced with the higher drugstore brands.



  • The only downfall of this liner is that it always has a tendency to smudge a little, even after it dries. It’s not really an issue though, unless you rub your eye. 
  • I’ve noticed no melting or time caused fading.

More Words:

So yeah, I basically love this stuff. It’s the best cream-liner I’ve purchased from any drugstore, and the low price tag is a definite plus!

Product Rating: 9/10

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